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Amy Heimlich – Principal

Amy Heimlich began her career in retail technology with the introduction of electronic cash registers. She provided technical sales support, application development and project management for small to medium sized retailers. In the early 80s she joined Data Terminal Systems and was instrumental in designing, developing and supporting electronic cash register systems for major retailers in the hospitality and general retail markets.

In the mid ’80s she joined a start-up company specializing in electronic cash registers with fuel pump control for the convenience store and petroleum industries. Her role there included designing one of the first electronic cash registers integrated with fuel pumps and credit card authorization systems.

Amy was the third employee of a start-up company specializing in the consolidation of payment transactions within a closed loop environment. This organization was on the forefront of hardware and communications technologies. The company evolved into one of the first payment gateways.

Amy then joined LeRoux, Pitts and Associates in 1987 to develop and manage their PC and POS Terminal Business Unit. LPA provided one of the most progressive Tandem-based transaction processing hosts licensed to third party processors, acquiring banks and major retailers. LPA developed one of the first terminal capture systems where the POS application validated and verified data prior to sending it to the host. LPA was the developer of the systems for the company that evolved into Chase Paymentech.

In 1991, Amy began Heiko Group, Inc. a North American systems development organization specializing in transaction automation delivery systems. Heiko has earned an enviable reputation as a leading provider of transaction processing software.

Amy’s understandings of end-to-end systems, her attention to detail, her ability to comprehend customer requirements and her talent to simplify the User Interface have proven results.


Heiko staff are seasoned North American professionals with more than a century of experience in developing end-to-end transaction processing solutions. We are unique in our composite experiences in POS, Gateway, Web, and Host-based solutions.

Our core competencies span the industries and products that have defined the evolution of transaction processing.

We pride ourselves on using technology as a tool – not a solution.